Travel Size Kink
Travel Size Kink
Travel Size Kink SpankThis
Released: March 11, 2019 Full Length: 0 minutes

Dedicated disciplinarian, Johnny Hands arrives home after a long flight. Frustrated from flying, he anxiously unzips his carry-on, which contains precious cargo. Curled up into submission, hogtied hottie, Chase Williams uncurls from his confines and bends over the bed at his master’s command. Hands gathers his favorite tools and, gets to work, flogging fuck boy’s backside beautifully. Then, heavy handed Hands unbuckles his boy’s ball gag, allowing sweet sounds of painful pleasure to fill the room; as, he continues to turn the twink’s tail raging red with an open palm. Johnny is relentless, laying back into the boy’s butt with leather lashes till the trail is traceable. Mr. Hands licks his palm; then, counts down the last sweet spankings, leaving Williams panting and plum red.

Themes: Twink, Fetish, American, Hunks - Studs, Brunette, Jock, Jock on Twink

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