A Friend in Need
A Friend in Need
A Friend in Need Helix Studios
Released: December 16, 2016 Full Length: 15 minutes

Evan Parker is caught with his pants down and a handful of dick when his friend Nathan Reed happens upon him handling his hog. Evan isn't alone for long since his buddy can't ever resist a giant cock! On his knees in record time, Reed rocks Parker's piece with pleasure. Nathan's smooth body and model good looks are irresistible. Parker plants his face firmly in the boys crotch and services each end of his friend with a ferocious fervor. Once he's opened up Reed's rump enough to accommodate a severe supply of cock Evan blasts the boys butt like a pro. His nuts happily slap Nathan's ass in the process. Once on his back, Reed rocks his own cock fast and hard and as his toes curl he blasts well past his adorable belly button ring. Evan whips out his wang, whacking it till thick white wads wash over Reed's alabaster cheeks. Parker definitely has a friend in Reed.

Models: Evan Parker, Nathan Reed
Themes: Big Dick, Anal Sex, American, European, Blowjob, Blonds, Brunette, Rimming, Kissing, Swimmers

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