Skinny Dipping
Skinny Dipping
Skinny Dipping Helix Studios
Released: February 12, 2015 Full Length: 21 minutes

Swimming in the pool just isn’t as much fun without a buddy. And swimming with a buddy isn’t as much fun as swimming naked with a buddy. So Cooper invites Blake to join him for some skinny dipping. The water might be freezing cold, but it hasn’t had any negative effect on Blake’s hung, swinging dick. Now on to the bedroom, where the horny boys warm each other up by rubbing their smooth bodies together. Cooper grinds his tight hole on Blake’s big, uncut cock until he covers Blake in a blanket of his own thick load. Fucking in a warm bed beats skinny dipping in a cold pool any day.

Models: Cooper Steel, Blake Mitchell
Themes: Big Dick, College Guys, Anal Sex, American, Blowjob, Uncut, Cum Shots, Rimming

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