Renaldo Spanks Wade
Renaldo Spanks Wade SpankThis
Released: December 15, 2010 Full Length: 15 minutes

Wade gets sent to the counselor's office for shooting spit wads. Renaldo believes in corporal punishment, and immediately bends the naughty twink over his lap. After using his hand for awhile, the severe latin punisher brings out the paddles. Even after the boy's sexy, smooth butt is red and flaming, Renaldo continues to spank it. Wade asks and pleads to be let go, but he's not allowed to. He continues to yell "it hurts" as his bottom becomes a deeper and deeper shade of cherry red, and he's twitching in pain. The counselor is determined to make sure Wade behaves from now on, an effective form of punishment no doubt.

Themes: Twink, Spanking, Latin, Fetish, American

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