Add the Helix Studios Channel to your Roku

Gay Adult Videos on Your TV

With the new Helix Studios Channel on Roku, members to will have the ability to watch over 2000 gay porn videos at the click of a remote. That's over 300 Helix Studios DVDs delivered directly to your big screen from a tiny three inch box. Something this small never felt so good.

Add the Helix Studios Channel to your Roku

Roku 2 streaming player Helix Channel UI
Roku 2 streaming player Helix Channel UI

A Library That Keeps Growing

With over 2000 videos and 18 new 720p HD scenes added monthly, you'll never run out of gay adult entertainment to stream to your TV. You'll have the ability to choose from all six gay porn genres Helix Studios has to offer including: 8teenboy, HotStuds, Fratboy, SpankThis, Latin Studs and Raw Lads. With multiple full hard core gay video updates, you'll always have something new to look forward to on your Roku.

It's as easy as 1 2 3!

From the simple remote to the easy-to-use interface, Roku was designed to please everyone. All you need to get started is a high-speed Internet connection (and a TV, of course). The built-in wireless and guided setup mean you can be up and running in minutes. Once your Roku is setup, just add the Helix Studios Channel and follow the instructions on your Roku to link your Helix Studios account.

What Do I need?

1. Roku Streaming Player.
2. A high-speed Internet connection with a speed of at least 3 Mbps.
3. A membership to Helix Studios.

Three easy steps to setup the Helix Studios Roku Channel

Helix Studios Channel Screenshots

The Helix Studios Channel on Roku is the premier gay adult content provider. We offer simple ways for you to browse your favorite videos including a favorites option, browsing by themes, movies, models and finally an overall search of videos on the channel. Click on a thumbnail below to get a feel for the Helix Studios Channel.

Questions & Answers

QWhat is the picture quality on the Roku?

AThe Helix Studios Channel features 720p HD quality videos right on your big Flat Screen TV. You will enjoy watching our gay porn videos with quality superior to that of DVDs

QWhich Helix Studios Gay Adult Videos are available on the Roku Channel?

AOur Roku Channel contains all of the videos found in the members area of the Helix Studios website. You can watch the entire library of videos from Helix Studios as well as search videos by porn star, by movie, by studio or by theme. The latest Helix Studios videos become available on the Roku within 24 hours of their release on our website.

QWhat Internet Connection do I need?

AYou need a high-speed Internet connection with a speed of at least 1.2 Mbps (such as mid-level DSL). If you are unable to connect the player directly to your cable or DSL modem you may also need a wired or wireless router.

QDo I need a computer?

AYou don't need a PC or Mac to setup your Roku and watch Helix Studios videos. You can setup your Roku over the phone by contacting Roku, at 888-600-7658. To setup the Helix Studios Channel, you may contact our support department and provide payment information for your membership. We will assist you with the process of linking your Helix Studios account to your player.

QWhere do I buy a Roku Player?

AThe Roku Streaming Player is sold directly from Roku's Website or at any of these local retailers.

QWhich Roku players are compatible with the Helix Studios Channel?

AThe Helix Studios Channel will work on any Roku player. You need to have the latest Roku software update installed.

QIs the Helix Channel available outside of the United States?

AYes. If you can access the Helix Studios website from your country, the Roku channel will also work.

QIs the Helix Studios Channel Free?

AYes the Helix Studios Channel on Roku comes at no additional cost with your Helix Studios Membership

QWhat type of Membership do I need to access the Helix Studios Roku Channel?

AAny membership plan with the exception of the 3 day Trial Membership will give you access to the Roku channel. If you plan on only using your Roku for watching Helix Studios Gay Porn videos, you can opt for our least expensive Unlimited Streaming Plan

Helix Studios Roku Channel
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