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Cock Hungry

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Growing young boys are always hungry, even after dining out Alan Davis and David Rhodes are still famished..... for COCK! With young hormones raging these two scalding hot teens bring it back to the house for some carnal desserts. David downs Davis's dick before unleashing the colossal cock beneath his own undies. Alan's eyes widen with the excitement of a kid on Christmas morning anxious to get at that enormous package. The boy does his best; but try as he might, he just can't fit the entire thing in but looks dangerously sexy trying. However, he IS game to give it a go with his tight little ass, so David preps the kid's pucker with some lusty licks. With a monster this size, it's always easier bareback so Rhodes gets to railing! The sweetest look of perfect pleasure mixed with the good kind of pain washes over Alan as he's jam packed with with the biggest cock he's ever taken. The kid is pretty proud of himself and settles into unbridled, chuck full of cock, ecstasy in several salacious positions. Fucked fiercely, Davis decides it's time to give David a taste of his own medicine. He saddles up behind the boy and slides his dick deep inside, planting a kiss on Rhodes pouty pink lips as he tweaks his bottoms nips. The boys settle into a gooey groove with David on his back and that perfect penis in full glorious view as he strokes with Alan buried deep in his ass. Rhodes closes his eyes, parts his lips, starts panting and releases his white hot rocket fuel. With perfect cock choreography Alan follows right behind him, mixing his load in the same wet, yummy cum puddle.

Models: Alan Davis, David Rhodes
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